Contract Center Solution

19 mar 2015

Nytt system för kontraktshantering från OpenText


Kanadensiska OpenText lanserar nu en ny lösning för kontraktshantering som möjliggör automatisering av hela avtalsprocessen och näraliggande uppgifter.

Från CMS Wire:
OpenText announced the release of a new contract management solution. It will enable enterprises to automate the entire contract process and related tasks by pulling together a number of technologies from OpenText’s enterprise information management portfolio.

The new product offers contract process management — for the smallest and simplest contract to the most complex contracts for global organizations.

The release comes at an opportune time for legal departments, which we reported last week are struggling with even the simplest document management tasks.

In a statement OpenText noted that its new Contract Center solution offers automation and management of processes from the very first contact through authoring, negotiation, execution, renewal and retention.

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